A Frisson of Excitement


Well things are certainly getting exciting in London at the moment as we have local elections coming up as well as the EU elections to vote for our local MEP (Member of European Parliament).   I’m afraid this is a little diversion from food in London as I’m getting quite excited by what’s happening and hope I can convey this here. 

These elections only come every few years and there are the usual parties, a few independents who stand.  This year there are a few parties who are making names for themselves in vying for votes whereby once they get to some sort of power will put forward a referendum on either remaining in the EU or leaving.  Some are putting this under the guise of preventing further immigration, which I personally think is a mistake, others are simply acting out of not liking change.  It will be interesting to see how popular these parties prove to be.   What is interesting is that now there are also a few parties of migrant communities, namely from the Slavic countries. 

This completely breaks the mould in that previous immigrants have had to battle to be accepted by the established parties who have given the odd seat over to them, but nothing major.  These parties are directly from migrant people themselves.  It’s definitely a Slavic trait that if you want to get something done, do it yourself!   I shall be supporting them in the local and EU elections and watch to see how they do. 


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