Cake Makes Things Better






I’ve not posted for over a week as I’ve been hit by a horrible chest infection that completely floored me.  I’m still on the drugs and recovering slowly, but the last couple of weeks have been pure torture rather than an illness.   Being ill means I’m at the mercy of some strange food whims that make no sense at all, but fulfil a particular deep seated need for the ability to nurture oneself.  To that end, the second day while I was still feeling pretty rough and in a lot of pain, I decided that I’d like some cake.  Didn’t have the strength to go shopping for one, and decided that I would have to make something myself.  I wanted a nut cake of sorts and, after a bit of searching through my cupboard came up with the following recipe I’d like to share with you.

 100g cold butter cut into cubes

200g self raising flour

50g flaked almonds plus a few to decorate

35g fine or caster sugar

3 medium eggs

a splash of milk

Line a loaf tin with two pieces of greaseproof paper that will allow you to take the finished cake out in one movement.  Put all the ingredients apart from the almonds into a stand mixer and mixed the ingredients, adding the eggs one at a time with a splash of milk.   Once all the ingredients have been mixed through add the almonds and fold them in, put the cake mixture into the loaf tin, decorate the top with some flaked almonds and bake in the middle of the oven at 1800C for 35mins.  This is best served with a slathering of orange or lemon buttercream and is one of my best comfort eating cakes so far. 


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