Welcome to my website


Welcome to my website.  My name is Maria and I am a born and bred Londoner of Polish descent who loves the vibrancy of London and would like to share my excitement at this as well as the kinds of food available in London as more and more people make their home in London and bring their foods and cultures to share with the rest of us.

Food is a universal need, something we need to have every day, so why not make it something enjoyable, even on a tight budget.  There are ways of being able to do this without compromising on quality or nutrition.

My background is of having to feed my family on very little money, making it go further and ensuring there are some good memories around the table.  These days everyone realises that you don’t have to have expensive ingredients to make a good meal and cooking your own food gives you more control of what you eat than anything else.  I’d like to share these with you as we make our journey through life.

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